About Peter

Peter was born at 3.00 am in Beverly Beach, Florida on Sunday 20 August 1980 .
He is a generous, big hearted Leo, with a chatty expressive Gemini Ascendant, and an intense and transformative Moon in Scorpio.

Learning these facts in 2002 was to really begin his  journey of self discovery through Astrology. This knowledge is now being made available to those who also wish to discover themselves in their own unique fashion.

After 20 years study and application, there is no doubt in her mind of the validity of Astrology and its helpfulness in everyday lives. As a Leo he believes her role is that of light bearer to others, so they may see themselves, and use their knowledge to better their life.

He has written newspapers columns in daily and weekly newspapers, monthly magazines both local and national and appeared on community radio programmes.


Peter passed her Federation of  Astrologers (FA) Certificate Examination in 2008 and decided to become a full time professional astrologer, as well as writing astrology columns for local newspapers and national magazines.

Lorraine began the study of Astrology in NY in the early 2009. He commenced counselling privately from that point and has clients all over the world. He started teaching classes of astrology students in 2012 and continues to teach regular classes of beginners, intermediate and advanced students.
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